We believe the gaming experience is better when playing with others, and that’s why we have clubs.


Challenge CLUBS offer the best value gaming available.


As a club member playing a specific game or genre, you enjoy multi-hour gaming sessions with others with the same passion at the best price available.


It's here that we forge teams, tournaments, practise sessions, socials, workshops, and holiday clubs.


Our clubs are organised by genres, games and age groups.

They take place in our CLUBHOUSE, a dedicated space accommodating up to 12 simultaneous players to play competitively or cooperatively with each other.



12 Alienware Gaming PCs | Headsets | gaming Mice & Keyboards | Console Controllers | Xbox X's | PS4's

| VR | Nintendo Switch



Designed for late afternoon, after school and college access, they offer great value in a fun and sociable setting.

 Games will encourage the use of soft skills and accelerate learning and IT skills.

We provide a host who ensures a safe and structured organised play session.


Each Challenge Games Club is a dedicated collection of players who will benefit from playing, competing, practising, and sharing their skills centred around the clubs chosen game. These are the starting blocks of building lasting friendships and competitive rivalries.

Club Membership:

The most affordable way to join is with the monthly membership, this gives 1 full calendar month to access the club. These are easy to purchase and there are several to chose from. There is always at least 4 weekly sessions in a month.



ages 7 - 11

A simple gaming session for the little ones, enjoying fun and friendly Nintendo Switch games in our party room




ages 12 - 17

Competitive and co-operative,  team based games, fully assisted and instructed, easy to play hard to master. 



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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


3.30 - 5.30 pm | 2 hours | 


Juniors : ages  7 - 11


Kids : ages 12 - 17

monthly memberships from £30


£12 drop-in sessions






6 - 10 pm | 4 hrs | ages 18+

annual membership £35 


£10 drop-in session


For the adults who love to game.

Talking trash, honing skills, or just socialising with new friends. The evening club session is an adults-only gaming society, where you can forget about the kids and relax with a good game and some buddies. 


The generous 4-hour session is designed so members can drop in and out without time restraints, or indeed spend the whole 4 hours. 

It's like regular after-work drinks with mates, but more fun!

We do this out of love of gaming, and the whole point is to forge a great community of gamers. Its a super relaxed collection of gamers who want to be social, enjoy an evening out with mates and try some new games. 

Club Membership:

Its only £35 for a whole YEAR!



This gives you access to our 12 person club house where we will organise co-op game play, forge teams, try some esports and competitions, and generally just be social. 

It will also give you access to our online membership, which is just a fancy way of saying you get access to other willing members who want to play but perhaps aren't able to physically make the session. 



Because VR is a great social experience!

This is VR as a social experience, where club members get to hang out and play together.


VR Clubs take place in the evening and our designed for our VR community to share in experiences together. 


A pre determined game or set of games will be available for members to share amongst each other as play throughs, new experiences, master classes, or even esports.

Headsets are shared amongst the group (8 max). Members not playing are spectating in the comfort of the booths, chatting, helping, relaxing and having a great time.

Club Membership:

Clubs give access to members on a subscription basis and are the most affordable option to play VR on a regularly. 



7pm - 10pm | 3 hours | ages 18+

memberships from £35 


£12 drop-in sessions

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